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A journey from time-honored tradition to modern innovation in marble craftsmanship

A venerable name in the marble industry since its establishment in 1973 in Greece, Iktinos Hellas,this family-owned company has been the very definition of excellence for two successive generations. Expanding their portfolio into the realm of architectural design, they proudly introduced "IKT Marmaron" to theworld.

From the family's third generation, Lydia Chaida, in concert with her husband Francesco Pomarici, has been the guiding force behind this innovation. With a combined twenty-five years of experience in the rich tapestry of the marble industry, they've weaved together a company that seamlessly integrates their time-tested expertise with a forward-thinking approach to design and service, a testament to their vision and dedication. With a flair for handling intricate, high-spec composite projects, IKT Marmaron embodies the gold standard in vertical integration. Their offerings boast a breathtaking array of marble and natural rock formations, each piece a testament to nature's unrivalled artistry, carefully selected from Greece, Italy, and across the globe. Their stunning inventory, state-of-the-art cutting and processing workshops, robust sales network in Greece and Italy, and extensive international outreach attest to their expansive capabilities.

Building upon its rich lineage and the high standards of craftsmanship that it implies, IKTMarmaron is looking to the future, investing in pioneering architectural applications and services. Their commitment to innovation distinguishes them in the realm of marble design, ensuring a fusion of high-quality service and innovative designs for their clients and collaborators. Step into the world of IKT Marmaron, where the artistry of the past and the visions of the future converge in a sublime celebration of marble craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy

everyday lives by opening up a direct

approach to the raw material and

providing professionals and individuals with personalized solutions.

Unveiling the Artistry of Marble

At IKT Marmaron, our business philosophy is about elevating the common into the extraordinary, serving as your conduit to the raw and innate beauty of marble. We are committed to interlacing the timeless elegance of this remarkable material into your daily life, offering a tailor-made experience to both professionals and discerning individuals in need of custom solutions.

As you immerse yourself in our world of sophisticated aesthetics, you will encounter an unparalleled assortment of unique marbles and natural rock formations. Each on narrates a tale that has been etched over millennia, sourced from the birthplace of civilization
, Greece, Italy and other parts of the world.

Our team of experienced consultants and technical virtuosos accompany you effortlessly through each phase of the process. From the artistry of selecting the ideal marble to their skillful application and installation, we pledge an unwavering quality standard at each stage.

For architects and designers, IKT Marmaron offers a streamlined journey. Our dedicated marble services enable your designs to take physical form, obviating the need for lengthy deliberations following the joint marble selection. With IKT Marmaron, your vision is understood and materialized, reflecting your distinct artistic impression in every marble's cut and curve.

Our Process

A natural material of enduring value, resilience, and unlimited potential which from the time of its first discovery down to the present has been associated with emblematic expressions of architecture and art.

Every kind of marble is unique and bears the ‘signature’ of its origin. Its individual colorings and quality characteristics are due to its mineralogical composition and its natural process of formation, making it one of Nature’s works of art.

IKT Marmaron makes it possible to choose from more than 200 marble types and natural rock formations of exceptional beauty, from Greece, Italy and all over the world, which meet the needs of any use or application. All the rock formations used,  undergo a certified, environment-friendly process of weatherproofing which ensures suitability for use and renders them non – absorbent.