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Iconic and unique marble objects
Immerse yourself in the world of IKT Marmaron, where we breathe life into spaces with our meticulously curated collection of marble furniture and decorative items. Our designs are an exploration of modern aesthetics, perfectly balancing the enduring charm of marble with the warmth and allure of wood. Each piece of furniture is a unique narrative of its origin, with distinctive hues and quality features shaping its character. From the rich veins of our exquisite marbles to the intricately grained patterns of our premium woods, every detail is a testament to nature's artistry and our commitment to design and craftsmanship.
IKT Marmaron furniture and decorative products promise to elevate your space, embodying a fusion of nature's grandeur and modern high aesthetics.

IKT Marmaron uses natural stone treatment on all items. Without affecting the colors and characteristics of the natural stone, the Ikt Marmaron treatment offers all natural marbles complete protection against stains caused by contact with acid-based food elements, it also provides water- and oil-repellent stain protection caused by oil, fat and greasy elements.

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