Our Services

Elevating every day spaces with timeless elegance

Step into the world of refined elegance with the bespoke services offered by IKT Marmaron. Guiding both professionals and individuals through a curated journey into the heart of natural beauty, we provide personalized solutions that intertwine the timeless charm of marble into your spaces. Our experienced advisers and skilled technical team ensure a seamless transition from the selection of the perfect material to its masterful installation, each step echoing our commitment to uncompromising quality. Moreover, architects and designers are given a platform to bring their unique visions to life, with the ability to commission their designs directly through our services. With a focus on sustainable practices, we ensure that all our rock formations undergo a certified, environmentally friendly weatherproofing process, preserving their beauty and resilience for years to come. At IKT Marmaron, our services don't just meet your needs; they create experiences, bridging the gap between nature's raw grandeur and your personal aesthetic.

For Professionals

everyday lives by opening up a direct

approach to the raw material and

providing professionals and individuals with personalized solutions.

For the first time in the Greek market, architects and designers have the opportunity to entrust the implementation of their designs to a marble company, avoiding time-consuming explanations and analyses, in addition to the joint selection of marbles. IKT Marmaron's well-trained human resources provide you with full support at all stages of the process:

- pre-measurement
- engraving, dimensioning
- supervision and installation of the marbles of any architectural project

Large Scale Projects

With over forty years of expertise, an inexhaustible range of materials, and a specialized service department, Ikt Marmaron is able to support integrated solutions
for large-scale projects, ensuring:

- the ability to supply marble in large quantities
- the development of application and maintenance proposals
- high quality construction and installation
- speed and consistency